Pumping Water With Solar PV

Pool Circulation Pumps

Easily installed on any size pool a Lorentz solar pool pump can save money on your utility bills,often traditional pumps cost more than €1,000 per year to run ,so the return on your investment can be less than 4 years .
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We are official partners Lorentz.

You can see how much a traditional swimming pool pump costs to run compared to a solar pump Here.


– Zero energy costs provide a very fast return on
– Longer life expectancy than standard AC motors
– Quiet and efficient
– Proven in service record
– Speed controllable to match the pool size exactly
– Smart modular design for simple and cost effective
servicing and repair
– Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for
an existing pool pump

Bore hole pumps

waterpump1Solar PV systems are an economic alternative for bore hole pumps,
we can size a system to suit you water consumption ,for more information please contact us.

And you can compare the costs of pumping water with diesel generator compared to solar pump Here


Irrigation and supply

Many solar PV surface pumps are available for use with irrigation systems or domestic supply to house or deposit ,for more information please contact us.